it’s a SMALL world

a friend once told me stories of a horrible colleague, who apple polished the bosses by buying them lunches, tried to win the staff over by bad-mouthing other staff (turning everyone against everyone, saying that so and so didn’t really like them). basically, this colleague had a horrible attitude and no one really liked him. everyone was wary and cautious around him. sometimes he reported to the bosses that so and so was late in arriving at the office in the mornings or after lunch, or any silly thing, just to get on the bosses’ good side.
he would disappear from the office occasionally, and when the staff were asked by the bosses where had he gone, apparently he went on leave. but he never had his leave approved by the bosses. he went to england, philippines, hong kong, etc. and it was always with his girlfriend, that was what he told the staff. but no one has met his girlfriend before, nor have they seen her picture. he gushed on and on about her,“she’s so this and this ….. that and that ….. we’re going to here and there….”
one day, a friend of mine went for a facial at a new place which offered massages as well as facials. whilst treating her, the beautician made small talk and asked her what was her occupation. and which company was she working for. she answered the beautician. the beautician remarked that the company name sounded familiar. the beautician asked my friend if she knew a “Mr. Wong”.
“oh, that’s my boss.” my friend replied.
then the beautician told her that Mr Wong frequented their shop for massages, together with his partner. my friend asked, “oh, Mr. Wong and his wife come over for massages?”
“no, no… not wife! his BOYFRIEND.” the beautician corrected her. and she went on to describe Mr. Wong, that how he always demanded the best service for his “boyfriend”, and was protective over him. the beautician informed my friend of Mr. Wong’s full name …….. and it dawned to her that it was the horrible colleague in her company.
the beautician told my friend that Mr. Wong had recently been travelling to Hong Kong, and usually before their holiday trips, they’d come in for a massage together. they were regulars.
so he lied. not girlfriend la.
moral(s) of the story:
1. don’t reveal too much to your beautician, masseur, manicurist, hairdresser, etc… because some are really chatty, they’d probably tell other customers your stories. it’s ok, be arrogant (lansi) and secretive instead. ;P
2. the world is small! SMALLER if you’re a mean person. all secrets will be out! ;P
“there is just one moon and one golden sun … and a smile means friendship to everyone …….
it’s a small world after alllllllllllllll …. it’s a small, small worllllllllllllld………”
sorry, i just felt like singing. nice song. ;P

14 thoughts on “it’s a SMALL world”

  1. eh… a bit confused here.
    That “horibble colleague” = Mr. Wong ?????? Presumeably.
    But then your friend said to the beautician “oh, that’s my boss.”
    What I get here is Boss’ boyfriend is “horrible colleague”.
    Am I right ?

  2. endroo G…. the colleague and the boss share the same surname, so my friend was confused at first. but later only the beautician described the Mr. Wong properly …. and it was the colleague.

  3. so u mean the horrible colleague goes to the massage parlour with his ‘boyfriend’ regularly lar rite?
    mayb he’s ghey… =x
    but then again… he so soi la… got so many ppl he can tell… he go tell the massage parlour person… and so ngam the attendee is attending ur fren… and so ngam talking about it somemore…
    1 word for ur fren’s horrible colleague…

  4. MaL: yup, the guy is gay. funny how my friend happened upon a place which he went also. hehehe.. scary small world.
    xes: watched brokeback mountain love story already or not? anyway, what happened after that…. tell you next time. ;P
    wolfx: hehe.. tell you next time. ‘to be continued…’ ;P

  5. How funny! Although maybe it does explain why horrible colleague has such neurotic awful behaviour? Would be funny to go up to him and go “Oh hey! Turns out you and your boyfriend go to the same masseuse as I do! Small world huh?” *grin*

  6. I think the Horrible Colleague must have told the masseuse about his brokebacking tales. You know…
    ..and this masseuse told your friend about the eerie tales.
    This is what I think must have happened. xes, take note. 🙂

  7. stupid mafucker cheng leong I’m not gay okay you…argHhh *takes the machette* you bloody lucky me not here!

  8. dolly: hehe. i’d just ask him loudly in the office, “HEY CAN YOU SHOW US A PICTURE OF YOUR BOYFRIEND? WHAT, GIRLFRIEND? NO, YOU NEVER MENTIONED GF BEFORE. U SAID BF!!!”
    endroo G: ehehehehe…. shit, now i can’t get the scenes from Brokeback Mountain out of my head. hehe. ;P
    Gavin: usually the person who makes the accusation is guilty of the offence himself. hehehe ;P xes is gay wat. he loves Hello Kitty from japan.

  9. endroo G: forget what? am a bit blur, sorry. the scenes from Brokeback Mountain or history of the exes?
    i think history of the exes can never be purely extricated from memories. if not, how to learn from mistakes? and also realising what type of person is ‘my’ type? ;P

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