It’s All About Creativity

Someone asked me the other day, “Why must Valentine’s Day be about spending a LOT of money?”
Well, it’s about doing something different for a change. If most of us have been real scrooges during the relationship, an occasional splurge would be nice. Yes, maybe the timing is a bit off – on Valentine’s Day when the set lunches and dinners are a bit expensive (like Christmas) and the roses cost a bomb!
So this same someone asked me to suggest the cheapest dates I could possibly think of. Bloody hell, cracking my head over this was no easy task.
1. Cook dinner at home – If your partner usually cooks, then it’s your turn to do it for a change. Don’t need the candles, if you don’t want to. You can, however, dress up for the fun of it. ;D
2. Take turns giving each other a massage – Time it! An hour of pure bliss, I should say. Baby oil is cheap, if you don’t want to use aromatherapy oils. Though, I do know some guys who don’t like being oily.
3. Have a picnic – A picnic at night sounds pretty romantic to me, if it doesn’t rain. If you know a location, go there. If not, how about on the balcony of your apartment, or by the poolside? It’s just blanket, a bottle of wine and some food …… mosquitoes? Mosquito coils may ruin the mood, you know ….. the smell!
4. A walk in the park or along the beach after dinner would be just fine. But it may be a bit too crowded if everyone has the same idea. ;D p.s. Bring insect repellant, just in case.
5. Watch TV – share a box of chocolate and a bottle of wine together. It’s the company that matters, right?
Gifts. As long as it comes from the heart, simple gestures can tug the heart strings.
1. Make your own Valentine card – If you’re not good in art, so be it – make it a fun card. Make he or she laugh is a good way to start the day.
2. Send text messages – I didn’t say just ONE for the day. Think of 24 nice things you like about him or her, send one for every hour of the day. [It’s still cheap, right?]
3. Wash his or her car. Haha, it sounds like a birthday present, right? Wrong. Leave some love notes in the car, after you’re done with it. He or she will have fun reading them. ;P
4. Song dedications – on TV, or on the radio. Tacky, I know, but it’s the song that counts, not the message.
5. Play some games, just the both of you – the penalty for losing could involve losing a clothing article, or a kiss, or drinking alcoholic beverages …… go ahead and figure it out!


I was clearing up my room the other day (for Chinese New Year) and I came across some old postcards I bought from IKEA years ago. Just wondering if you’d like a postcard from me, to brighten up your empty mailbox. ;P I’ll write “Happy Valentine’s Day”, too, if you’d like!
Only limited to 5 readers, however, and you’ll have to email me your address.
“ZOMG” in the comments here won’t help.
If there are no takers, then I’ll send them to ….. well, so far I can only think of iv’N and endroo g, actually. oh, and pegster. ;D

13 thoughts on “It’s All About Creativity”

  1. nice. how about sending one to aus? lol.
    v enlightening read. it saddens me that ill have another lonely v day. bleh. being emo.

  2. V Day? I think V Day is just over-rated. Any day can be like V Day… not just on 14th Feb.
    14th Feb, everything is expensive… flowers, meals, gifts etc.
    Better off giving a surprise to your significant half in any other day. You decide when you wanna have your own V Day.

  3. To snub commercialisation, we’re planning to have road side nasi lemak, and adjourn for durian!! XD
    Baby oil’s too oily lah. Body shop has some nice massage oils going for RM35 with ylang ylang, lavender and even scentless. Can try πŸ˜‰
    Waaaaa, washing car? Sounds nice. In tight white t shirts issit? Hahahaha, I wanna see hot rippling muscles under those shirts, yum! XD

  4. COUNTERPAIN? ahahahahahaha
    Applegal: it’s actually fun if you don’t fall for the commercialism side of Valentine’s Day. πŸ˜‰ sometimes it bites lah, colleagues receiving bouquets of roses at work and you’re empty-handed …. ;P
    rych: you wash my car lahhhhhhhh

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