Jamie Toh Breaks the World Record

After one of our usual drinking sessions, Him, Ping, Kiang, WK (Jamie Toh) and I had supper at one Luk Luk (steamboat) trucks – just like any other typical Malaysian drinkers.

While we were having our luk luk, one of us dared WK to finish the entire tray of raw siham (cockles). There was about 10 sticks of it. We then offered him the sum of RM500 to finish it. WK rejected our offer.

We then pooled our money together, RM150 each, and offered him the sum of RM600 to finish the entire tray of raw siham – and with the conditions that he must finish them and he cannot cook them or add any condiments to it.


He took up the challenge. Here’s a video of him doing the challenge….can he doitt???

In the end of the video, we meant to say the phrase, “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!”. None of us got it right though.

Anyway, WK survived and was not hospitalized. He was fine the next day! He didn’t even have diarrhea! MALAYSIA TOP SIHAM IDOL!!


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