Japanese test today..

I stepped into the examination hall feeling confident. “Ahh, this shit is easy” I thought to myself. The exam started at 3PM (Initially I thought it was 8AM). I turned on my scanner. I mean, my chick scanner, to check whether there are any cute girls around. *TOOT* *TOOT* Surprisingly there were more than 1000 people who sat for the test. And sadly, I see no cute girls. *TOOOooooo…….*

The hall was surprisingly big too. I didn’t expect Malaysia Universities were well equipped, even the guardhouse resembled a space ship (No I’m serious!). I went in the hall late, everyone was seated. On my left, was a kid who is still in Primary school and on my right was a pink ninja, ops I mean a Malay girl with pink headscarf.

The exam was conducted through a spokesperson. He has this problem of pronouncing certain words,

“Candidates you have 5 milites…”
“Candidates, please do no soil your paper and make sure you shit (shade) your answers clearly”

Loads of Ninjas sat for the exam, ops I mean Malay university students with headscarf. This must be due to Malaysia’s look East policy.

The test was alright, but I think I screwed up my listening test. The bloody problem with it is that they only play the tape once and no repeat of the conversation is given. Furthermore, the test was stopped halfway due to a heavy rain. Apparently the ‘rain’ would affect the hearing of the candidates.

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