JinHan Footie Blog vs Korea Republic International Friendly RESULTS!

We were late for the match. But we somehow hoped that the Koreans understand the Malaysian culture of being late.
We thought that the Koreans, just like Japanese, would turn up wayyyy earlier. But it seems that the Koreans were nothing like Japanese. The Koreans didn’t turn up for the match at all!!!

Not as impressive as we thought…
Instead, we were assigned to play with another team by the referees. As soon as we heard that the Koreans were not playing, our morale dipped from 102/100 to 50/100. GAAHhh
The other side, dressed in bright orange jerseys, were a bunch of young Chinese players. Since we were late, we had no time to warm up. The referee blew the starting whistle even though some of us were still trying to wear our shoes.

Getting ready..
We started off great. Ping scored the first goal within few minutes. As the ball hits the net, we cheered loudly. However, Yming insisted that we keep our celebration low key.

Ping’s well worth effort resulted in this..
Unfortunately, few minutes later, the opponent scored an equalizer through a header from a corner kick. Our morale dropped from there again. Then things got worst, every thing was in disarray. The opponents shot in another 3 goals by exploiting our weak defence.
The 1st quarter (we opted for a 3 quarter match, 30 minutes per quarter) ended with 4 – 1. Someone shouted…
“Tiu… Liverpool could catch up from 3 – 0 in the AC Milan game, we shall do that as well”.

The bench

As soon as the 2nd quarter starts, we scored a goal. It became 4 – 2. Morale +20 points.
However, everything crumbled after that. One of our team mates scored an OWN GOAL. From there, the opponents thrashed us.

En Peng giving out instructions.
The final result was no doubt too embarrassing to be announced here. After months of indoor futsal games, we were totally unprepared for the big field.

En Peng – Dejected..
However, that game didn’t damped our spirits. It has fuelled our long gone found passion for outdoor football. Jinhan Footie Blog team boleh!!

Pictures courtesy of Ping

14 thoughts on “JinHan Footie Blog vs Korea Republic International Friendly RESULTS!”

  1. Hmm korean republic away jersey is white rite? haha ur team wearing their home jersey color seems to be bit awkward :p Anyway, ur team did a good job coz at least u din makan telur 😛

  2. wahahahaha, this is damn fun. it’s been a while since i last played field soccer. been playing a lot of futsal these days. bad for health.
    xes: if it is possible? want to arrange a friendly game? indoor or outdoor doesn’t matter. =)
    my team is also full with smokers. hahaha. somehow it ‘increses’ the stamina. LOL

  3. zhong: mmmmmm friendly game? sure! ill ask the boys 😀 prolly futsal la…outdoor we cannot make it wei! we play every friday night @ summit astrodome, if you’re interested. come and join us 😀 we play from 10pm – 12am oh the place is @ bandar baru bangi.
    Gavin: sure bo? ill call u up when we play la. dont ffk us like u always do! hehe

  4. xes, e way 2 report e football match seems like those RPG games. got morale data dat increases n decreases. haha!
    n wahlau, e goalpost is rite at e pedestrian walkway? dangerous man! wat if there r cars going by? anybody dare 2 shoot at e goal when they have e chance? or do u guys move it in 100 metres from e road edge? hehe!

  5. ahahahah….u play summmit friday night or bandar baru bangi on friday night? Where u get the czech rep jersey from man? I only got fake one….bloody..can’t find ori man…

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