JinHan Footie Blog vs Korea Republic International Friendly

This Sunday! An extraordinary match. A blog v an International team!!
Behold!! JinHan Footie Blog v Korea Republic International Friendly Football!!
Excerpt from Kiang’s post..
It has been very long since we played football in a netted cage and on a fake grass. It is the time we get out to the wild and face our opponents – the Koreaas in the real field!
Venue: Stadium Petronas, Bangi
Time : 3:30 p.m will start kickin ass
Date : 29th May 2005 (Sunday)
Referee : Yes
Pitch condition : Fanta-bulous (Impression as pic below)
Rate : Same as what you pay for indoors
Duration : One and half hours

Aerial view of Stadium Petronas, Bangi

The opponents – Lee Dong Gook;Park Ji Sung (Nah, jk)
Excerpt from him’s post..

Proposed Formation: 4-4-2 (Traditional)
Proposed Tactics: Attacking (If we hav chance)
Coach: No Applicant
Captain: Nomination mode
Depleted Squad (UPDATED)
Players: JHan(F/M), KFei(M), enPeng(M), Voonim(F/M), Tim(D), HaunYeong(F/M), ABoy(D), Loping(D/M/F), Aaakiang(D), Leon(GK), Wilson(M/F), Mun Kian(D/M), Keat Nam(D/M), YewKuan(D/M)(Yet to confirmed)
Waterboy & Ball Picker: xes
Out: UMeng (on loan to TooWong FC), SLoong (suspended. Now in Perth)
Import: Maybe
Fitness Status: 55/100
Training Status: 15/100
Morale: 102/100
Concerns: Bad Weather
Team Instruction: Normal – Friendly unless provoked
Those interested in watching, please feel free to drop by with your pom poms 😀 No no, people..I dont know whether there will be h0t Korean guys or girls there.

Game set..Let’s kick the Koreans Asses!!

14 thoughts on “JinHan Footie Blog vs Korea Republic International Friendly”

  1. I don’t understand the formation. How come u have LD and RD. Shouldn’t Left Back(LB) be on the far left and same goes for RB? No central defence?
    I suggest you bring strikers down play as GK 1 and GK 2.
    Besides that I don’t understand anything..

  2. AaaHkianG: yes!! fitness status needs to be increased as well!
    frank&gguni: what is it that you dont understand? 😀
    rych&Gayvin: hehehe not the real Korea team la, no chau du ri or whoever ler. keke i think its just a group of korean expats or korea embassy staff.
    karheng: mmm i donno. im just the waterboy and ball picker.

  3. i think they are gonna input everybody’s strength in a championship manager like programe then fight it out in the computer…
    btw, there is Stadium Pretronas in Bangi??

  4. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAhahahahhahaa………….how come the comments here is so different?!?!

  5. frank…notice there’s a “nahh (jk)” after the picture comment? we are just playing a bunch of partimer koreans, not national players

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