Kabuki @ Ginza

Few weeks back, Jane and I went to watch a Kabuki play @ Kabuki-za at Ginza.

The interesting part about Kabuki is that all actors are male, even those playing female roles. They are called onnagata.

Our play was about a married man who fell in love with a maikko (apprentice geisha). Both of them planned to commit suicide together because they couldn’t be together. The entire story was about how the brother of the man persuades the maikko not to commit suicide with his brother.
It cost us 900 yen per person which entitled us to the 4th floor seating. No elevator. ARGH

The stage was quite awesome. They had a house with a part of its wall removed so that we can see inside the house.

As soon as the show started, Jane and I both fell asleep.

The play was quite boring. The story was draggy and slow. But Jane said that we chose the wrong play, there are much better plays.

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  1. textined: ummm i think it went on for 1 1/2 hours!jane said most of the plays are good. the one we went was exceptionally boring though. just go for any plays other than the one i mentioned la. comedies..there’s one traditional comedy house where this comedian sits infront of the stage and tells jokes. need translation though.
    honfaai: whre is chikuyo?
    wolfx: to check out the… ? (fill in the blanks)
    King: LOL
    Ben: you can get an audio device translator. but need to pay deposits of 1000yen

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