Khai Fei’s 26th Birthday @ DeCanter, Hartamas

I can’t remember when we (high school friends) celebrated Khai Fei’s birthday. But this year is definitely a year to be remembered. Hen, Ping, Kiang, Wai Keong & Gf, Him & Gf, Timothy and I gathered at Decanter, Hartamas to celebrate Khai Fei’s 26th birthday. He’s finally in his late 20s. Welcome to the club mate.

Decanter is a small pub located in Hartamas. It’s smoky, dark, noisy and full of kids (yes I’m old). Nevertheless, this place seems to be our usual hangout spot.

We started off with some beers and ended with a lot of beers and managed to slot in a flaming Lamborghini for Khai Fei. The flaming lambo was served at the bar table. KF was reluctant to go initially but after repeated persuasion, he gave in and finished the flaming in one gulp!

Throughout the night, we played drinking games. Wai Keong and Hen were the target of the night. But some went down as casualty as they were caught in the crossfire.

We ended the night at Devi’s corner. After couple of drinks, the font of the shop’s signboard read as Doris Corner.

Kiang (to Hen): Eh Doris is your former maid’s name right?
Kiang (Imitating Hen): Doris! Where’s my food!!?? Doris where my basketball???
Hen: Doris is my mother’s name la!!!

Hen also ordered a shisa. The shisa was mannered by a different stall

Hen: ada apa flavour?? (what flavour do you have?)
Guy: apa flavour pun ada! (We have all sorts of flavour)
Hen: Durian ada?? (you got Durian flavour??)
Guy: tak adaaa (We don’t have it)
Hen: Ganja ada??? (You got Ganja???)
Guy: tak adaaaa (DONNTT HAVEEE ITTT)
Hen settled for apple.

We shisa was shared among the gang. But after WK slotted the tube into his nose, some of us were reluctant to smoke it.

We went home around 4am. It’s been a while since we hung out that long.

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