kill rude neighbour

A rude neighbour came to my house and scolded mum. He was complaining that mum didn?t cut a tree, which is adjoined to his house. He screamed obscenities and even called my mum a stupid woman.

I was in my room that time. I was so pissed. It?s not the first time someone came to my house and make noise.

I had to shut him up.

I took out my trusty machete from my weapons department. *kaching!*

By the time I was outside the house with my trusty machete, mum was already shouting at me and ordered me to get into the house. However, the man was shocked. I guess he didn?t know that there were people in the house. I pointed my machete towards him and said, ?Don?t threaten my mother?.

He immediately turned polite, as his children and wife were next to him. Mum sprung out from her seat and lightly pushed me into the house but she shouted, ?You are a lawyer!! What do you think you?re doing???

I retreated back to my room. I did not regret what I did as defending my mother is every son?s duty. How can I let a grown up man in front of his kids bully my mother?

Anyway, Mum went out to talk to that man and settled that problem.

Well… I admit I overreacted 😀

17 thoughts on “kill rude neighbour”

  1. its not so you to be so ganas, but den when defending someone you ove.. i guess its diff….wats a macheta anyway?I realise you have lotsa problematic neighbours…

  2. all my neighbours are in my death wish list. eehheirene machete is a parang 😀 gavin i’ll need the ak46 when i want to shoot the gay fellow and you.

  3. waaaaaaah…….. so macho ah~~ hahahahahahaaa….but then ur mom is correct la… lawyer ma.. kena act and ‘king sou’ in a lawyer kinda way.

  4. lol… use parang? too ganas.. too ganas!!!ur mum must be shocked, lol.but then sometimes u have to tunjuk garang in order to turn the tide around.. else he’ll continue to be rude.. actually no need to use parang lah.. just go outside and scream at himor take a baseball bat out

  5. stinkes: own gun what u toking about ah…trying to corrupt my mind is it? ehhegavin: under fire art (increased) penalties act, i’ll be sentenced to death or send to prison for the rest of my natural life, therefore, in order to save my own ass, i have to shoot u down cause u might sabo me hehetay: yayaya help me tiu sui!! ehhepikey: its okay la, next time he comes i’ll be polite, i’ll just take my baseball bat.ryuu: yaya i agree!! kekehornyfai: my university never taught me how to deal with people standing outside my house screaming obsenties to my mother. ehheheaki stfu sairas paska!

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