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Today I will talk about this…

No, not South Korea..

But the logo inside the South Korean flag. If you didn’t know, the logo originates from the ancient Chinese book of I Ching, one of the fundamental books of Confucianism.

When I was very young, my Dad drew me a picture of 6 lines.

He told me, “Boy, if you want to succeed in life, remember these 6 lines. This is from the book I Ching”.

Intrigued, I gave him my utmost attention.

“Imagine, after you graduate from university and join the workforce, let’s say, you will be in line No. 4 from the bottom. The bottom 2 lines are for those who didn’t graduate from a higher learning institution”.

“The 1st line is where the top businessman and directors are. The 2nd line is where the senior management is. The 3rd line is where your seniors are”. Your aim is to reach the 1st line. How are you going to reach there?”

I shook my head vigorously.

My Dad then said, “You get the people on the upper lines to bring you up. They’re the ones who will help you succeed in life”.

I held on to his advice until today. It sounds simple and practical.

But how am I going to get the people in the upper line to help me up? If I am up, how do I maintain myself to be there?

To me, a plan must be set out. It must detail the timeline and the goals to be achieved within a given timeline.

Those who you think would help your career should be identified.

If you have not visited the website, you should read article by the name “SPOT THE RIGHT ALLIES TO BATTLE THE OFFICE WAR WITH”. Here’s the reproduction of it:

We all know allies are extremely important in the battlefield. Well, for us working people, the workplace is our battlefield. And that’s why it is important to create allies in the office as well. With useful allies, you’ll find it way easier to move ahead in your career, avoid mistakes and achieve your goals.

Read on to find out the type of allies to look for and how to get them on your side.

1. The Experienced Ally

Who is that? Your senior colleagues. Remember – do not assume the power is always with the most ‘bising’ staff or the one with the most ‘glamour’ title. The experts are the ones with enough experience to know all about the company at the back of their hands.

Why do I need this ally? For background information. They can provide you with important details on company policies and past company experiences.

How to stay chummy with them? Give your ally credit for his expertise and help during meetings and presentations. Also, thank him privately for sharing his knowledge and advice.

2. The Team Mate Ally

Who is that? Your coworkers. As much as you like being a lone raider, teamwork is always good for both of you and the company. It also helps showcase your leadership skills.

Why do I need this ally? For support and advice. Running out of time and it seems impossible to get everything together all by yourself? You’ll find help comes easily if you’ve made an effort to create allies among your workmates. They’ll also be more willing to share more information and ideas with you if they like you.

How to stay chummy with them? Don’t wait until near deadlines. You should offer help when you see that they seems to be struggling or running around like a headless chicken. And never, ever, ever gossip or ‘cucuk’ them in the back, you’ll lose their trust and allegiance.

3. The Big Guys Ally

Who is that? Your senior management. This includes your superior, boss, senior partners, CEO etc.

Why do I need this ally? For career advancement. Without your boss or the senior partners recognising your talents and contributions, you could stay in that position of yours for years. Maybe even until you retire.

How to stay chummy with them? Offer assistance whenever you can. But only if you know you can handle it without it interfering with your current workload. It is also a good idea to make this ally look good.

4. The Network Ally

Who is that? Acquaintances from other departments and other companies in your industry.

Why do I need this ally? For essential information. In case you hear rumours about future price increases or a new ‘canggih’ design development, this ally will come in handy to keep you informed.

How to stay chummy with them? Keeping them close to you and helping them in any way possible. Also, keep in contact on a regular basis, not just when you need a favour from them.

5. The Client Ally

Who is that? Your customers, of course! A satisfied customer can give valuable referrals when you’re looking for a new job.

Why do I need this ally? For their perspectives and opinions. Your clients can offer helpful suggestions about your business and give valuable input when you’re, let’s say, proposing a new product.

How to stay chummy with them? By showing this ally that you value the relationship. This includes thanking them for their business and giving them information valuable to their business. Providing them a little more information more than what they have asked for would always be appreciated.

Once you have identified the above allies, you have to start working on that relationship. First impression is always important and thus dressing up properly is the key. You have to be pleasant to the eyes, ears and nose. If you got BO problem, get deodorant. If your shirts are old or too baggy, get a new one. If your shoes are not shiny, get KIWI shoe shine!

You can read more tips here at

If you’re going to enter into the workforce soon, do pay the website a visit. Their page at has some stuff for you to download to excel in your job application and interview!

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