Koh Samui – Ang Thong National Marine Park – Koh Mea Koh

After the interesting but tiring kayaking session, the tour guide lead to an island by the name Koh Mea Koh to check out a ‘hidden lagoon’. The ‘hidden lagoon’ is actually a lake known as Emerald Lake.

There are two spots which we could view Emerald Lake. One would be at the bottom of a hill and the other would be on top of a hill. But to get to those viewing spot, we had to walk through a short pathway.

Jagged rocks on the top of the hill

The hill top view comes with a small observation deck. From there, we would see the ‘hidden lagoon’

And also other islands nearby.

Unfortunately, it was drizzling. Further, we didn’t have enough time to explore the view on the bottom of the hill. We had to rush back to catch our boat to Koh Kua Talap.

To be continued..

4 thoughts on “Koh Samui – Ang Thong National Marine Park – Koh Mea Koh”

  1. no chance to get into the Emerald Lake? It would be nice to just kayak/swim and relax over there. Gorgeous!!! reminds me of my recent Krabi trip.

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