Koh Samui, Thailand

I will be at Koh Samui over the weekend for holiday. A bought me a ticket there for my birthday!

Other than Koh Pha Ngan, I am looking forward to a 2 hours Muay Thai class at a place called Lamai Camp. It’s a Muay Thai camp cum hotel – you can stay there and train at their camp for an indefinite period! Now I feel like taking a break from work and train at this place for a month!

Any other places to recommend people??

3 thoughts on “Koh Samui, Thailand”

  1. Happy Birthday!!…

    Must do’s and mus go’s :

    1/ Full Moon Party
    sorry as I’m not sure the event is availbale on this weekend or not. However, you can check it with the local’s travel agents… its a MUST visit place….

    2/ Muay Thai ( Thai Boxing) show
    At Chaweng stadium every Friday and Monday. Or Lamai Stadium every Saturday…I’ve havent been to this show, but a friend of mine told me that its not suitable for ladies as the performer will make jokes on ladies… not sure how true is this..

    3/ Grand father and grand mother rock
    Located at south Lamai

    4/ Chaweng beach

    5/ Thai Massage
    Must try… cheap…

    6/ Sea food
    Cheaper than KL…

    7/Must rent a motorbike…
    If not mistaken they charge THB 250 per day… bargain with them…

    Enjoy your holiday in Samui !!

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