Kota Kinabalu: Port View Seafood Village

Our first dinner was at Port View Seafood Village, a well known restaurant for tourists. It’s located along the beach in Kota Kinabalu City. We were told that the food there is good but a little bit pricey.
After sitting down, a lady came to serve us. We wanted to eat fish..
Me: What fish do you have?

Lady: “Lou pan” and “Chat sing Pan”..

I know that “chat sing pan” (literally means “seven stars fish”) is quite expensive. However, at that time, I forgot the Chinese names of the cheaper fishes. Hence…

Me: How much is “lou pan”? For 2 person..

Lady: oh, around RM200
Me: O_O ok..how about “chat sing pan”??
Lady: About RM15 per 100 gram.
Me: Aahh..ok.. 1 steamed “chat sing pan” please.

We ordered a dish of vegetables to complement our fish. It took a long time for the fish to come.

The fish came and we ate. The fish was fresh from the aquarium. I didn’t know until I was told later but nevertheless it was good. It’s best to eat fresh fish steamed as from there, one can taste the freshness of it.

But when the bill came…RM90 for “chat sing pan”!!! What the fish!!?!? RM90 FOR FRESHNESS??? I GIVE FRESH FART RM90 CAN??? THIS IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE FISH I’VE EVAAAA EATTEEEENNNN$@$!!1111

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  1. diew 90 only ar.
    my friends ordered deep-fried soon hock for 200rm without knowing what it is.
    went something like this:
    Friend A: What fish you all have?
    Waiter: Oh got patin, pak so gung, soon hock…
    Friend B: Soon Hock! sounds familiar! ok give soon hock pls!

  2. Dude, i’m surprised u go n dine there n even e earlier place. those r like tourist cutthroat areas meant 4 tourists. those who know locals should know authentic places where u can find fresh, nice food with cheap prices. those places r normally old and have been around 4 decades.

  3. Take for example i went to a kopitiam converted to aircon near tanjung aru. dunno if ur fren brought u 2 e beach there, near shangri-la tanjung aru.
    u know, it is so ancient dat they r still using e abacus 2 calculate. when u go pay at e counter, e auntie will flip e beads of e abacus.
    when u make ur order, e uncle will make sure wat u order is enuf. he will say ok, enuf, no more orders. tis is enuf 4 e amount of people u have on e table!
    n u must finish ur food. u get scolded by leftover food!
    but becoz their dishes r so authentic n nice, i am willing 2 fly back kk just 2 have it. so still alwiz full house even with e scolding of food wasting. haha!

  4. WAHHH… 7 seng pan. Of course lah! That’s like the most expensive fish ever o.O
    Next time maybe settle for kembong…

  5. Dude, I learnt one rule after hearing tons of horror stories before yours – always always ALWAYS ask for the price of the fish if you want to order one. Failure to do so, you are liable to get ripped off.
    And I think you were lucky in your experience. One of my uncles ordered a fish (highly recommended to him by the restaurant captain) without checking for the price. When the bill came, the fish cost RM600! Uncle’s eyes nearly popped out. And he could not dispute the ridiculousness of the price then; fish already eaten.
    Probably best rule to learn – if want to eat fish, get someone to belanja you… like your A 😛

  6. zing: soundss like you… kekeakeakkae
    Kink: aiyah talapia i eat! ikan keli also i eat!!
    Darren: Miri got cheaper seafood huh!
    Diehardx: few days later, i went to makan @ Salut. we had fresh crab, prawn, vegetable and clams for around 150 for 4 person!! damn value!!
    ivN: izzitttt
    ian: kembong…sounds..cheap :p kekeke
    Low: wahrao, ur uncle kena con maximum kekeke. anyway A belanja the fish kekek

  7. Of cuz la…. all the ‘pan’ wateva ‘pan’ all EX PENSIVE fish!!! Sabah is popular for their ‘pan’…cuz its much much cheaper there. KL prob cost you around RM300-400

  8. Date: 24/06/2008
    Venue: Port View Seafood village (Kota Kinabalu)
    Time: 6:30pm
    dishes ordered: 2 shark fin with crab meat, ginger fish slice, sabah vegetable (paku), steam crab.
    Total cost: RM200.00
    For me RM200.00 with all this dishes is not expensive if compare those restaurant in Starhill where i use to have dinner. But the problem is the attitute of the Captain and the food are really bad taste.
    first – Shark fin – I ordered shark fin with crab meat, but they serve me SHARK FIN WITH CHICKEN, and yet when i complained to the captain she said that I am the one who mentioned on Shark fin with chicken and keep arguing with me in a very rude way, anyway she forced to change to me finally. And after the arguing, she was on the way to kitchen but her mouth still “talk three talk four” non stop. and the worst part is the taste of shark fin soup are really really really … bad… cause there are a very weird smell in the soup, seems like the oil they used to cook already used for long time already and never change. Imagine, it taste like “yao char kuai” (pls pronouce in cantonese).
    Second – steam crab – we ordered for meat crab but when the crab serve it was crab with eggs. and i called her again to check with her, and the answer from her was ALL the SABAHAN call crab with eggs as meat crab. The problem is before I called her, i ask another staff in the kitchen and she told me that they serve the wrong crab. But the stupid old captain try to covered it up.
    And the very very worst part is the crab also taste like “YAO CHAR KUAI”. seems like the oil they use are the same for everthing.
    Third – Ginger fish slice – a small plate of this cost of RM60.00, this is the most expensive fish lice i eat in my life. even not so expensive in STARHILL KUALA LUMPUR. and the taste also like “yao char kuai” and very salty.
    finally – Sabah Vegetable (paku) – not bad the vege is fresh but the taste also like “yao char kuai”.
    SO my conclusion is I paid for RM200 to eat “YAO CHAR KUAI” in the very very very “FAMOUS” seafood restaurant in Kota KInabalu which is PORT VIEW SEAFOOD VILLAGE.

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