Krabi 2008

As mentioned, I can’t seem to find any events massive enough to blog about. No outdoor parties and raves.
But I wont be in town to celebrate New Years Eve. I will be in Rai Leh, Krabi counting down amidst the hills and coconuts trees!

Thank god for Air Asia, I am able to skip the enduring long trip to Krabi. 2 years ago, my friends and I went thru a 7 hours bus ride, 2 hours of waiting at the immigration, 5 hours van ride and 45 minutes boat ride to Rai Leh, Krabi. Thank you Tony Fernandes!!

I will be back on the 1st of January. Updates will be minimal. Will be rock climbing, swimming and abalone peeping for 6 days!
Have a great new year and don’t drink and drive!
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