Krabi Trip

I’ll be off to Krabi, Thailand starting tomorrow until next Tuesday. 7 days of rock climbing, swimming and massage. RM50 per room a night, shared between 3 fellows..fuh. fuh fuhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Picture courtesy of Climbxmedia
But it comes with a heavy price, not monetary but in the physical sense. I have to endure 13 – 15 hours of bus ride!
Krabi pictures –
wahlao, looking at those climbing pictures…makes me palm wet!!!
I’ll blog there if i could! But in the meanwhile, I hope my guest bloggers would blog when I’m gone.
Cya guys in 7 days!

9 thoughts on “Krabi Trip”

  1. Whoa that’s cheap maaaaan! Take photos! That’s a really nice photo, didn’t notice the rock climber at first 😛 Make you wet. . . ANYWAY, take care! Have fun!

  2. … bimbo. he meant u la. lidat oso cant get the hint?
    xes: have fun! dont climb climb har, end on an Ah KUa’s bed yah :X

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