l i f e s u c k s . . .

Today is the shittiest day of my life.

Mum was involved in an accident. Her car smashed on to a cactus tree cause she fell asleep while driving.

Fortunately, she escaped unhurt but the car was badly damaged. The car was stuck and I couldn’t move it out. I had to get dad’s help. He was so pissed off with mum.

We called a tow truck and the fellows removed the car in a jiffy. The cactus tree was all smashed up and was blocking the entrance of a house. Due to the thorns, it was hard to clean it up so we pushed them aside. The funny thing is, throughout the entire incident, the owner never came out to look. It was until towards the end, an elderly lady came out. She was too shocked to say anything and I was too ashamed to talk to her.

wounded by cactus…

I have to accompany mum to High Street Police Station to make a police report so that we could claim insurance. The issue about the shittiest point of my life wasn’t entire about mum’s accident but it was due to my family’s financial crisis. Mum’s business is getting worst and dad is at the verge of bankruptcy due to that. I need a change of luck. Badly, very very badly…

I almost lost my mum…damn..

Mum’s face is bruised and she said her lips are broken. She asked me to get her a coconut. So I headed to our usual coconut provider, the elderly lady with kick ass coconut cutting skill.
Lady: So, you just finish school?
Me: Oh no, I just graduated.
Lady: Ahhh, which form (high school grade) are you in now?
Me: Err, actually I’m a university graduate. Not in high school any more.

Another shitty thing happening is that my house is being attack by termites. The pest controller came today to administer poison around the house.

Fuck you fucking terminates stop eating my house!!!

Last update of the day
Mum and I made a police report in the evening. It wasn’t troublesome at all as the policeman helped us to write a report. The tow truck man, who towed Mum’s car this morning, was there to help. He advised us to pay the policeman RM10 for helping us to write the report.

Then after filing the report, we had to see the sergeant to verify our report. It took a long time as there were many people and Mum’s car was on the way from the workshop (the sergeant has to see the car).

And eventually, Mum and I left the police station early cause the tow truck was stuck in a jam. I paid the tow truck man RM150 for the fine (initially it’s RM300 but the tow truck man seems to have some magical powers to settle for a lower fine).

Tomorrow, I have to hand in couple of documents to the tow truck man for insurance purpose. I feel so much better now. Thank you people! 😀

On a brighter note, my mum struck lottery today! She got herself few thousand Ringgit for the consolation prize she won 😀

22 thoughts on “l i f e s u c k s . . .”

  1. Are your parents running the same business together? Does your Mom always snooze off while driving? If she does, perhaps you guys shouldn’t let her drive too much. *huggies* Hope everything will turn out alright soon.

  2. Hey cl.. i`m sorry to hear of what had happened but think of it more positively.. u almost but fortunately of cause u didnt lose ur mum 🙂 i`m sure everything will be alright soon.. take care alright?

  3. Xes. Sorry to hear about your Mum’s accident and your family’s difficult financial situation. It is sad that so much rides on your shoulders when you are so young.

  4. Am sorry to hear about the accident and the things that are happening in your family… u hang in there and things will be alright… all the best to ya and ur parents.

  5. hey, sorry to hear bout the probs u n ur family r facing! but dont worry, things will get better. As ppl say ‘ When there’s a plunge, there’s alwiz a peak’ !*hugz*

  6. whOa shit man…when did this happen? This morning? Sorry to hear that…quite shocking for me when I just saw you last night and things were okay. You’re da man Leong…things will get better.

  7. muahAHa…my bad luck has been passed on!! Disturb me somemore Leong and I make sure all my bad luck works efficiently on ya :p Now…LET ME FINISH MY PROJECT AND STOP SENDING/HARASSING ME WITH PORN!!

  8. OMG…soree to hear dat..i’ve been through accident and hurting myself sumore… oh well, things would turn out better…jus gif urself some time….aights?My parents been through financial crisis, oh well… jus gotta control ur expenditure lor

  9. Ex Mate mate…Look out for the silver lining in this storm u’re going thru (or mebbe u’ll see me handing u an umbrella =p)…Just gonna hang on and be optimistic, it would all be alright……Take care okay? Hug Hug!!!

  10. yeah hang in there man before u know it good things will turn ur way.like ur mom striking lottery! congrats! haha

  11. woah shit just bef0re last nite i was telling u to feel better and hope for the best to come in return, now ur mum strike lottery? 😛 w0nderful news f0r u i hope! congrats 😛 i w0nder when my dad`s turn *tap feet*

  12. see see things turned out not so bad at the end 🙂 God’s on your side, leong. no worries *hugs* hope your mom will get better soon 🙂

  13. sorry to hear that. it will turn out fine. on the other side, it is not easy to be bankrupt so don’t worry too much. God has eyes and you’ll turn out fine. 🙂

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