Last day of muuay thai!

It’s our last day of Muay Thai class today. *sob* And furthermore the gym is moving to our Uni’s new sport centre *wee* The current gym is located @ this dilapidated building but the condition of the gym is real good.
I had to partner a girl today due to the fact we have uneven number of people. Fortunately, she not that soft, she even encouraged me to kick harder. hehe. sadomasochism! We had this new guy who apparently studied some Japanese martial arts, his kicks and splits were bloody amazing. I sparred with him, my god, his kicks were pretty quick, he could construct few moves just in one kick, but it was fun sparring with him. Since it is the last time we’re gonna practice in that gym, I took a picture of it. I had that Jap martial art fellow do a split kick for me while I take the picture! Oh boy, I’m gonna miss Muay thai!
Our Student Union is having an election for the upcoming committee. The presidential candidates are kinda bizarre. We have a candidate from the Socialist Society seeking the legalization of cannabis. And there are another 2 lousy bloody ignorant candidates. During the hustling, there was a question about what would they do to reduce the student fees. They answered, “it’s unrealistic to do so, a mere 1000 pounds is reasonable!” Like hello?? What about international student fees? We pay 7000+ pounds a year! However, the most reasonable or I would say the potential president would be Ed Smith, he seems moderated unlike those extremists, but however, I find him a bootlicker. He’s been trying to get societies to vote for him! He stays in my hall and my friends and I see him around all the time and never spoke to us once. He started talking to us when he found out that my friends are the committee members of MASSOC.
I’m going to my Muay Thai classes again later, mmmm, more bruises and aches coming soon.