Last weekend of March

I went to watch Cradle 2 the Grave with Cheng Leong aka Xes, Frederick aka Hearts, Chuo Ming, Hun Chong, and Wen Dee. The movie is not really that good. I will give it one star out of five. Credit should be given to Jet Li’s fast fists. The storyline is boring and predictable. Anyone who is thinking of watching the movie should drop the idea unless you are a big fan of Jet Li or DMX. OOOh yeah, the opening tune of the movie is really catchy. Its call “Go To Sleep”, performed by DMX feat. Eminem & Obie Trice. One thing I noticed above Jet Li’s movie is that the black or the Chinese is always the bad guy but never the white. Hmmm…I wonder why. Even Jacky Chan’s movies have white as the bad guy but why not Jet Li’s? This post is actually written at 2:13AM but due to the daylight saving, l lost one hour today..sigh

6 thoughts on “Last weekend of March”

  1. frank, the show really that bad ah ? hmmm i havent watch yet… any more reviews summary?? how about the core ? hillary swank? good or not ?gib comments if good or bad oke 🙂 thanks…

  2. adui, tak ada masa mau beli vcd leh… i been d/l movies from kazaa rather then buying it. got exam not so free to go out n buy hahaha

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