Leeds & Manchester

My day was amazingly adventurous. There were many things in England that I’ve heard about but haven’t seen them with my own eyes, especially the hitchhiker Frederick and I saw while driving through the highway. The scruffy fellow was holding a sign saying ‘Manchester please’.

Leeds as usual, was bustling with people, just like how it was last year (I visited Leeds last December). Both of us, armed with our cameras roamed around Leeds city. We shopped for a while. I bought myself a GAP long sleeve shirt and a beanie. Yeah, it’s been months since I shopped!

Leeds city is boring especially when I’m not a woman. I don’t like spending sterling pounds here. I’m saving them for my Easter trip and Europe backpacking trip. That’s why Frederick and I left Leeds 2 hours earlier than our intended time. We decided to have dinner at Manchester’s China Town.

Frederick, with a skill of a F1 driver, speeded all the way to Manchester. The highway wasn’t exactly straight and it was wet. I always have the feeling that my car would skid every time I go through a wet road. However, I slept throughout the journey to Leeds. Poor Frederick had to drive alone. Haha

We had no map and no idea how to drive around Manchester. We had to make couple of phone calls to get direction. I called my former tenant at my house, Lek Yew. He’s in Manchester University reading Law. I asked him whether Chinatown is located near Piccadilly. He answered yes and gave me some direction. I thanked him and without asking how he’s doing and stuff, I put the phone. I felt so bad. Hehe.

We finally found Chinatown, ate dinner and then walked around Manchester. Manchester is a dirty place. There are rubbishes everywhere, homeless people roaming on the streets begging for change and dark alleys offering a free mugging experience. We walked into a small carnival selling loads of things ranging from food, Christmas tree and pottery. Frederick bumped into his friend who he hasn’t spoken for 7 years. It’s a small world isn’t it?

The stalls were already closing by the time we arrived. I ate a piece of maple syrup crepe that I bought from a French looking shop. The crispy little thing was folded into a con shaped cup (funny looking cup). By the time I finished my crepe, I found that all my maple syrup has leaked into the bottom. What a waste!

Sheffield was our next destination. Frederick once again, speed back home. Within 1½ hour, we reached safely back in Sheffield.