Limau-limau café @ Jonker’s Walk

For those who are tired of shopping from shopping at Jonker’s Walk, you should visit Limau-limau Café.

It’s a nice café which serves blended fruits and other miscellaneous drinks. Lovely deco too. 😀
I had an ice blended mango smoothies. On the menu, it was stated that no sugar or water will be added in their drinks. Ok sounds healthy.

My mango smoothies was thick and yellow. My first impression was that the drink looks like concentrated mango juice.

I immediately took a sip of it and thereafter my eyes opened wide.
I then mumbled, “mahai.. no taste oneeeeeeeeeee ..”.
It didn’t taste as good as it looks.
Sharon and Cris on the other hand had a better experience. Sharon had a strawberry flavoured ice cream and Cris had a mango flavoured ice cream. It was absolutely yummy I tell you.

4 thoughts on “Limau-limau café @ Jonker’s Walk”

  1. jane: heeeee. nono! its vanila ice cream and fresh mango! 😀
    yvonnest: its a spoon. dowan la. later they asdd stuff inside kekek

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