lin and why off to brisbane!

Mum brought back loads of mangosteen. I’ve been always wondering why sometimes there are yellow substances on the flesh. I surfed for the answer but it yielded no results. Instead, I found some facts. Btw, anyone knows why are there yellow substances on the mangosteen flesh and is it edible?
Known as Mang cut in Viet
Mang Khut in Thai
Manggis in BM
Scientifically known as Garcinia mangostona
Also known as the ‘Queen of fruits’
The flavour is slightly acidic but sweet and delicious. Each fruit has 1 to 2 seeds.
Queen Victoria apparently offered a reward to anyone who could transport a still-edible mangosteen back to England
Mangosteen fruit, besides being much prized for its superb flavor, also has other properties:
– the skin contains 13% tannin, and is used as a colouring for foods. It also has medicinal properties and is used as an astringent, and as a cure for dysentery;
– the trunk of the mangosteen tree consists of a hard and heavy wood of a dark-brown colour, and is used for making furniture;
– the tree is almost ideal for planting in urban environments to provide shade, since it has a deep taproot, with few lateral ramifications, and a pyramid-shaped canopy with persistent leaves.
Couple of days ago, i heard that the Italian mafia was going to hunt the Ecuadorian referee who was the referee for the Italy and South Korea match. Apparently they claim that he accepted bribes from the South Koreans and eventually cause the Italians to be kicked out from the World Cup. And today, according to a daily Chinese newspaper the controversial Ecuadorian referee has been shot dead.
It’s been a long day and I’ve been awake for 21 hours. I just got back from KL international airport to send Hong Yong and Yong Lin off. They were my high school mates and used to play football together often. And now they’re leaving for Brisbane to study in University of Queensland. geee, amazing how time flies. We were planning to stage a tearful airport scene for Yong Lin but apparently our ‘main actress’ refused to make any moves. Consequently, the goodbye scene was totally calm. It was just handshakes and hugs.
It was 4:30AM and I was too tired to drive to KLIA and therefore I got a driver to drive my car. I convey my profuse thanks to Kadet Yeap Soon Yean from the Royal Malaysian Airforce! I was happily sitting at the backseat towards the whole journey.
I am going to Thailand on July 11th and Brisbane on July 28/29! yahhooo!