LOTR – the bad guys are ugly, the good guys are handsome


Dont you just hate it when people spoil a movie moments before you watch it? Thanks Ben and Sui Lin for trying to spoil LOTR!! Well I know you guys were just trying to confuse me. Here are the things they said..

“Frodo and Sam dies”
“Everybody dies”
“Sam is gay”
“Gandalf is gay”

Anyway, LOTR was great. But there are parts that confuse me. Some one please enlighten me!

1. Where the hell does those eagle came from? I don’t see Gandalf calling for reinforcement!
2. In the last part, where the hell are Frodo Baggins, Gandalf and the rest going with the ship??
3. Are Hobbits gay? They seem to show disgusting affection towards each other..

11 thoughts on “LOTR – the bad guys are ugly, the good guys are handsome”

  1. eagles are part of middle earth so yeah they fly here and there. the rest are going off to some place out of middle earth knowing they would never live the same ever again if they stayed. hobbits are like gavin, they are gay. no doubt bout that.

  2. the eagles belong to another wizard, i can’t remember his name, something the brown, and like gandalf he is one of the 5 wizards sent to protect middle earth, just that he normally doesnt give 2 shits unless gandalf asks for his help. and he is the kind of wizards who is into nature and stuff so he can summon bears and tigers and shit like that. that’s where the eagles come from.as for them going onto the ship they are going off to the undying lands, the lands of the eldars who created middle earth and it’s creatures. i think only the ring bearers get to go there cause they obtained VIP status or something like that. that’s why at the end of the book, the index or something, sam also eventually goes there too cause his wife died and he has nothing else to live for in middle earth, and he did carry the ring for awhile.as for the sexual preferences, i think hobbits are very sentimental ppl, and they were created so because i strongly belief JRR Tolkien was gay. i mean look at the book, so many guys, all damn macho and yao ying, and only 3 girls, all kalefe besides Eowyn who is like the most not pretty one amongst all. if i were to write the book i would definitely put in more girls and some steamy scenes lah come on. Tolkien is definitely gay.

  3. Hobbits are just affectionate and sentimental beings. Maybe this is one of their advantages, living in a close knit family. Something like the elves who has sharp ears and eyes. And the dwarfs who has great strength in engineering. Humans who are proud. If you all play RPG b4.. each race has its own high points in STR, INT, DEX, LUK and so forth.

  4. well, if ur interested to know what happen to each hobbits, arwen, aragorn, legolas and etc in the end (that’s not shown in the movie or etc) … it’s all in the appendices of the book. full of summarize information. =)

  5. pikey, u been rolling too much dice lately…the only strong non-gay part of the movie was, Eowyn-Witch King interaction.god damn, i like the witch king.

  6. what chuoming said was rite…to a certain extent…the place is not only for those who carried the ring, but also for the elves…thats why you see arwen also going…elves go there all the time when they have made the decision to go and no longer want to return…its like a place of solace lah..frodo goes cause he beared the bburden of carrying the ring. Thats why you also see bilbo going as well…sam also goes but later on…because he also carried the burden…read the book!you will get a clearer picture…the birds, are from a druid mage…actually got like 5 mages in the trilogy one….you see some and you dont see some…there was one that made an appearance when he was escorting gandalf to the tower to see saruman…as for the gay thing, this entire thing was made during the war time, and the only people that the heroes could turn to were their companions and therefore they developed affectionate feelings for them lah…their comrades and all…its a real valor thingie lah…u will be the same lah if you were in that era leh!!heheeh..hope it helps..but seriuosly, read the book!clears a lot of assumptions and makes the entire trilogy clearer…

  7. ben: yes i agree, no doubt gavin is gay hahacm: oooo thanks thanks.. what else happen after frgo baggins left ah? toot: icic 😀 too bad smeogal didnt make it hehepikey: yaya i notice too..so hobbits has the advantage of being gay? ahhaafr0stie: she not sexy enough la..arwen is tEh bombcolinpoh: ah just read it! intersting! michaelooi: HAHAHHAA choonhuei:dont have the book lerakaka: wooaahh thanks for the comment man.. but i swear there are parts in the movie where the hobbits were about to french kiss each other..euwwanyway does anyone knows whats the ending for lotr novel?

  8. the trilogy story ended there lah, frodo went to undying lands and sam went back to his ugly wife. the rest is all in the appendix, dan chat long i malas wanna explain lah, cant even remember most of it. but acherly they left out a big part when they went back the the shire. acherly saruman went to the shire with wormtongue and became gangsta there, start to kacau the hobbits, so frodo they all experience already fought them and defeated them, then wormtongue killed saruman, sth like dat lah, then only frodo left with the elves. damn i like kate blanchett.

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