Lui Cha Fun – Hakka Dish

WELCOME BACK, EVERYONE! holiday’s over, boohoohoo ;(

This is an acquired taste. It is a rice dish topped with several types of vegetables (shredded tapioca leaves, radish, leek, diced long beans, etc) and sometimes peanuts, together with a bowl of pounded green tea, basil and mint leaves.
The first time I tried it, the ‘tea’ had a strong minty taste, which went well with the rice and vegetables. The other half thought I may not like it, as he anxiously watched me take my first spoonful.
Surprisingly, I liked it! Ooh whee! I practically felt healthy for having such a dish that I’m wondering if I’ll lose weight faster if I have this on a daily basis for lunch. Except for the rice, though.
You can mix the ingredients together and pour the ‘tea’ in, or sip the tea separately, like how some people prefer.
The second time I tried it was at SS2’s Restoran Sun Hin Loong, which is just ok.
Can someone recommend a really good one? ;D
Other references:
1. Wikipedia
2. EatingAsia
3. The Star Online – a recipe!

15 thoughts on “Lui Cha Fun – Hakka Dish”

  1. Hey my mum is a Hakka and she makes the best lui cha in town 🙂
    She usually helps out at My One Organic shop at Kepong Baru every wednesday. Every wednesday special is organic Lui Cha. There’s even a media releases from Nan Yang Shang Bao.

  2. I like Lui Cha a lot. I can recommend you the place I always eat. It’s at Puchong, Kinrara. Along the Bintang Supermarket. It’s call Restaurant Ho Boh.
    Very famous. Must try!
    Can add the soup for free. 😀

  3. endroo: how to decide to eat bak kut teh or lui cha??? have both? bak kut teh fattening, lui cha is healthy…….. hmmm
    wah, either kepong or puchong, both also quite far. will let you guys know when i’ve tried them, thanks! 😉

  4. i grew up with luicha! faith and i had luicha craving once and we decided to make our own. no it’s not easy coz the vegies are suppose to be less than 2mm in length. that’s what mom and grandma said anyways. and the hardest part is putting the right amount of ingredients in the soup paste for taste and colour. coz there’s no exact amount T_T

  5. I had the Lui CHar in SS2 Vegetarian restaurant. Appreciate if anyone could pass me the recipe for this dish. It is extremely healthy and I would like a good recipe to make it at home and call my good friends to enjoy this.

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