Mad Monkeyz Climbing Gym – Part III

Fai set up a challenge for us while bouldering at Mad Monkeyz Climbing Gym. Every route we finished on sight (first time without falling), he will do 5 pull ups. If we fail, we would need to do 5 pull ups.

Most of us managed to finish all the routes on sight and Fai lived up to his words. He probably did 50 over pull ups.

So after all the routes, Eddie and I put a challenge for him. He has to do 3 routes non stop without any additional footholds (place to step). Nevertheless, he can step on his handholds. Every time he finishes 1 route, he would need to climb to the next route (with foothold this time). If he manages to do so, Eddie and I will do 50 pull ups. If he fails, he will do 50 pull ups.

Let’s see whether he can do it…

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