Malay Mail Big Walk 2007

My firm gathered couple of their people to participate in this event. I was one of those who got involved. I joined the easiest event, a 3KM walk. This year, Malay Mail is raising funds to help purchase artificial limbs and walking aids for children who have lost the use of their legs as a result of bone cancer.
The race starts at Dataran Merdeka. I was given a free tshirt with the number, 9099. I was told that the race starts at 750AM. So I skipped all my Saturday night outings and stayed home so that I could sleep early. I even set my alarm at 530AM.
I was looking forward to it as it was my first time joining the Malay Mail Big Walk. Further, this could be a good blogging material.
Unfortunately, I missed the race, I overslept. O_O|||
Mission fail.

11 thoughts on “Malay Mail Big Walk 2007”

  1. Haha, hilarious. Must’ve felt like crap when you woke up. By the way, you keep using the word “nevertheless” wrongly. And overusing it lah.

  2. haha. no point staying home. might as well go party. after party go breakfast. after breakfast go 3km walk. at the way man. more things to write. hehe.

  3. LOL!! Pity you man.. so semangat never go out and all… and in the end, u didn’t wake up… hehehe
    I think he used ‘nevertheless’ correctly?
    It’s a transitional word, or whatever you call it. The same as however, even so, still, yet, nonetheless, etc..
    But I wouldn’t know for sure. I’m not an english teacher.

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