Malaysia Boleh and its Light Railway Transit System Part 1

About two years ago, i went to KLCC with Mr. HC using LRT. The LRT was packed with people. We were standing. Then one of the person left and there was an empty seat.
Mr. HC: “Go sit down la, Frank.”
I looked at the chair, it was painted in grey. Grey Chairs are reserved for the needy people such as pregnant woman, old folks, handicapped and women with young children. It had a picture sign depicting all those people. Totally dumb prove, i must say. Before, i could say anything. A man around my age took the seat.
Mr HC: ” Aiya, other people take your seat already.”
I glanced at the man for a second. Then i turned to Mr. HC and said alound,
“Bro, those chairs are meant for the needy.”
I pointed to the signs.
“They are reserved for the old folks, pregnant woman, handicapped and woman with young children.”
Upon hearing what i said, the man sprang out from the chair.

13 thoughts on “Malaysia Boleh and its Light Railway Transit System Part 1”

  1. I wish there were more people like you of your generation in Malaysia. Then in 10-20, your children will have the same upbringing and mentality as yourself. Then hopefully then, we would have a nation of people who are curteous, responsible and respectful.

  2. from what i can remember, normally like when i was in hongkong or taiwan, everyone just sits wherever and if there are pregnant women, disabled ppl, or the elderlies..then we’d stand up to offer the seats to them

  3. har, it’s like to fill in the rest of the story ourselves?
    Upon hearing tht the man sprung to his feet and looked at me with steely cold eyes.If looks could kill, i could explain the stiffness in my body as rigor mortis. From his palm, he unsheathed a mighty sword as if pulling it in from an alternate world, because one glance and i knew that abomination of a sword couldnt possibly be from this one. As he chanted teh incantation “satsujin no ken” i prepared for the worse, recollecting my life in short black and white images as if from a tv rerun. I had no regrets. Then it hit me, i forgot to turn off the tap. in 3 million years my water bill would accumalate to an ungodly sum. Plese god send me a saviour.

  4. eh if no “old folks, pregnant woman, handicapped and woman with young children” can sit la… dun be so dungu… BUT u must release the seat if u see those peeps. takkan leave it blank when u guys r standing..weird rite..? -_-

  5. I think it’s okay to sit on the designated seats, as long as there’s no needy people around. Just give up the seats when they are needed.

  6. yes, I dont take the reserved seats when I am in a LRT too. Some say if I dont sit, others will take the seat no matter what. But to me, if I dont take the seat, at least there is a chance for the needy ones. At least, I try to make a difference. So it was a correct thing you did.

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