Malaysian school for Malaysian?

This morning, while i was about start on my work, i heard a loud scream from my colleague’s room…

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN’T ACCEPT MY NEPHEW! My newphew is a Malaysian with Malaysian birth cert! Malaysian Passport and Malaysian IC!!!”

Then, she closed her door. 10 mins later, she came out and step into the library where we had our ummmm…after court gossiping, eer…i mean discussion.

Colleague:”Bloody hell!!! This is so unfair! My nephew is born in Malaysia but raised oversea. He returned to Malaysia 2 years ago. He try to apply to a government secondary school but all the schools in KL rejected his application because they says that his father is a foreigner. Stupid la!!! My newphew has Malaysia birth Certificate, Malaysia Passport and a Malaysia IC that says “WARGANEGARA” (citizen)!I am going to call Putrajaya (Administrative Capital of Malaysia) now!”

She went out to make a few more phone calls. When we came back from lunch, she told us that she got the confirmation from Putrajaya that although her nephew’s father is a foreigner, he still has a right to receive education in a government school. However, still none of the schools in KL is willing to accept her nephew until they have a meeting among all the Secondary School Headmasters on this issue!!!

If i am her, i will publicise this matter in all the major newspapers in Malaysia. then I will tell the Headmasters not to waste their time and the people’s money on this utterly stupid meeting which is to decide a clear cut matter because i will see the Education Ministery in Court.
Oh, forget about complaining to the MPs. They will probably tell you to write letters to the relevent department. They will tell you if you do not get a positive respond on your first letter, write another one. Keep writing till you get a positive respond. If you ask them whether you have other option? Yes, the other option is that they will write the letter for you…or wait till the election is around the corner. They will do anything for you, then.

9 thoughts on “Malaysian school for Malaysian?”

  1. wasting taxpayers’ money….havin a meetin for such an issue n dont respect ppls right…its like gathering all the military generals just to kill a cockroach…

  2. flint: hahahha, you have a point there. I think the headmasters get allowane for attending meeting, they wanna have as many meeting as possible to discuss about various “issues” on education.

  3. meetings… meetings…
    i think that particular headmaster/mistress is just looking for an excuse to waste time and hang out with the other headmaster/mistress…

  4. there’s another way actually…try to talk to the officer in charge….eh’ll will settle everything asap…last time my ex school (public school) has mat salleh studying also, how come a malaysian born kiddo cannot study?!

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