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I started a blawg with a focus on intellectual property, information technology and data protection. At the moment, it houses all my articles and media appearances. Purpose of housing them is to separate my identity as a blogger and a lawyer.

Instead of giving my blog address during professional networking sessions (where sometimes people like think..xes…SEX arr???), I can give my blawg address. Click here to visit! Will be updating it from time to time.

Articles are good marketing tools. They generally do not generate direct work but they do generate a lot of opportunities such as speaking arrangements.

Recently, I gave a talk on data protection at the Annual Conference for Chartered Secretaries of Malaysia. It was probably my 20th talk within a span of one year. Since I’ve done the same topic so many times, I didn’t bother to prepare and also didn’t bother to ask anything about the participants (biggest sin when giving presentation!). I thought it would be a small crowd of 20 – 30 people.

However, it had over 300 people /(*O*)\. I was shocked!

Nevertheless, practice makes perfect. Since I’ve done the same topic many times, it went well. I started off with a question to the crowd and the crowd faintly answered it. When I gave the answer, loud gasps were heard. From there onwards, they were all ears.

The talk went so well that it received positive feed backs. So positive that the same association contacted me again for another round of talks. The results of this talk is far cry from one talk where one participant came up to me asking me to learn public speaking. And yes, I did follow his advice.

So weeks later, the association sent a picture of me on stage.

My face was photoshopped. I lost all my pimples and pores -_-


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