mcdonalds for 3 days

*Burp* I had McDonalds for 3 days in a row. The juicy beef patty and the greasy fries.mmmm..*Homer Simpson?s drooling style* But mann…If I turn into a fat fuck, I’m going to sue McDonalds!

13 thoughts on “mcdonalds for 3 days”

  1. gosh, someone has to give you a good scare about what really is in a McD’s burger. before it kills you.but i’ll leave you with this;the apple pie? it’s not apples.

  2. yeah, get fat quickly and join the long list of law suits thrown at McD’s already. hahaha. sigh, I have Burger King almost everyday and yet i’m not getting Hamtaros just because the Uni’s branch ain’t promoting it. at the rate i’m going, i should have two full Ham Ham families now.

  3. kim: apple pie is not apple pie? the burger is not a burger? sounds very abstract heheheben: ben poor u.english food is well known to be the worst in the world hahahirene: too much sunny bunny huh kekepikey: omg..u were int othe hello kitty craze too? i heard my friends lined up infront of mcdonalds early morning for it..

  4. 1. juicy beef patties = moo moo’s spare parts.2. greasy fries = old produce fried with pork lard.3. apple pies = chinese custard veges by crusty’s real. i’m so fscking serious..!

  5. paul.. :D~~ i love moomoo’s spare parts..especially when u eat it with noodles :D~~ ahhahaas for pork lard..mmm fattening fooodd… uuuhh :D~~

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