Medium Size Ben

For the past couple of weeks, Medium Size Ben, formally known as Big Ben, has lost 22 KGs. His secret of success?

“Forget all those fancy diets out there Atkin’s diet or whatever, the best way to lose weight is to STARVE!!”

He goes to the GYM in the morning until afternoon. Then later at night, he has his daily ham sandwich. Yes, only one SANDWICH a day!!

On his blog, he said,

Many have said that i’ve lost a lot of weight due to pictures they’ve seen or for few, in person. To me i still can’t see shit. Maybe cause i’m blind. However i know very well i can’t be that blind right. Thanks to all who gave me motivation to press on as even me myself couldn’t have imagine i could actually last this long killing myself in the god damn gym.

I swear it ain’t funny trying to loose tones. Especially for someone who loves nothing better then food like me. Most who knows me would know this. Hell u can even see it by my size. But yeah, although the weighing scales doesn’t lie (i hope), i still have heaps to burn. I would encourage those who are trying to loose that they shouldn’t, i repeat SHOULDN’t follow my way.

I have not touch foods like Mcds, KFC, steaks, sausages, pan meen, yee meen, tai chow, any fried stuffs and even mafucker RICE for some time already. And to be frank i’ve been craving for them ever since i permitted myself to indulge in this program. Yeah i do allow myself to fall once or twice and just submit myself to them fucking fatty foods which comes with the package of putting extra effort in the sets i do in gym. Pretty shitty eh.

I’m sure alot have heard bout all kind of funny funky diet plan there is out there and all. Although yeah i wouldn’t doubt their effectiveness but personally to me i think cutting down is the best option, no wait, fasting is the right word to use… wait a minute… STARVING!!! ahhhh that’s more precise i would say 🙂 As impossible as it may sound, it’s not. Why? Do you know what’s out there? Immortality! take it! it’s yours! Too much Troy

Yeah but anyway, it may seem as though it’s torturous but it is self-torture which gives us self-motivation and not to mention, self-satisfaction. Don’t worry, starving works because eventually the harder it gets for u to complete your sets in gym due to increment, the more u’ll value your effort harboured in. In no time u’ll be fucking scared to eat. Even a sandwich would lead me to thinking that i’ve just wasted the whole day’s work at the gym.

17 thoughts on “Medium Size Ben”

  1. you should this more often, shows how fast people change and the diff we are when we grow up!!

  2. I dun think Atkins or other fancy diets suck, it is indeed a fact that Carbohydrates are more fattening than Fats itself. I have tried it before, and it worked. And of course, I’ve done it the Ben way, and it worked too… but then, my brain was too low on fuel, i couldn’t think, i needed loadsa coffee to keep me awake. So, I’d prefer Atkins or the Zone to Starvation. I think Ben has programmed himself to think FOOD = EVIL, but not all foods function this way. All I can say is that eat in moderation, eat only when you are hungry… listen to your physiological needs and not just eating by your emotions or just it being a habit. Oh well, I love my Maccas and KFC.

  3. Starving is definitely gonna cost the man problems in later life. Sure, it might make hime look good now…. but I’ve a sinking feeling there’s gonna be consequences to the torture he’s putting his body through. Eating smart and exercising is the best way.

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