Melbourne 10

My relationship with Melody’s housemate is getting worst. We had dinner together just now and she refused to talk or greet me. She even criticized my all time favourite show, The Simpsons by saying it is stupid, ignorant etc. Obviously, I do respect her view on The Simpsons but she doesn’t need to say it when I’m watching it! Furthermore, she changed the channel as Simpsons was about to start!

Before my arrival to Australia, she told Melody that I have to move out on my 2nd week during my 3 weeks stay (which apparently didn’t happen after some discussion). She complained that I don’t take the initiative to get know her during my previous stay here (obviously I wont, I didn’t like her from the start). And then she started finding faults in me and sometimes just things that Melody and I don’t even notice. godamnit, I still have to face her wrath for few more weeks.