Melbourne 25

Irene is having a BBQ at her place tomorrow. I might drop by and say hi

grrr, i couldnt break the apple into perfect half again.
I’m in Melbourne Uni’s computer lab again. The mouse i’m using now is darn sticky. I wonder how many hands touched it. Imagine what they did before that, ie masturbated in the toilet, dig their nose, euw euw euw!!

Melody is trying to finish another assignment again. I guess we’ll stay up the whole night again…

I bumped into Kwok Hoong again in Bluezone cafe. We chatted for a while. It seems that he has a new girl in his life now (not to say very new but recently). That’s quick, he broke up with Irene (it’s Irene’s birthday today, Happy birthday! :P) a month ago! Kwok Hoong was eager to show me his new girlfriend. Probably we’ll have dinner this weekend.

The Bluezone cafe boss seems to like Melody and I very much. A Chinese man with huge glasses and unshaved moustache and speaks with a heavily Chinese accentted English, he’s always smiling whenever he sees us. And today, he gave us a discount for the muffin we bought (wee!). Even though he seems like a nice man, he’s somehow dangerous. He could split an apple into half with his bare hands! And it’s perfect half! According to Melody, the boss studied Shaolin Kungfu in China for 10 years.
And last night, i tried splitting a small apple with my bare hands. I grasped the apple and pulled it with all my strength. The apple did not split but the top part came off. I tried again and it split! However, it was perfectly half, only a quarter of the apple came off. I’ll try again tonight.

Interesting website, – traveller on the move!