Melbourne 28

Melody and I had dim sum with Wei Chen and Ben at Sharkfin’s. The food was great. Ben was suffering from a hangover from last night’s clubbing session with his friends. Apparently, his friends were forcing him to drink because his birthday is next week (on the unfortunate September 11). He had to down a bottle of Black Label for 21 seconds (in conjunction with his 21st birthday). Wei Chen on the other hand passed me the anime that he burned for me. Thanks mannnn!

My dad recommended the Chinese museum in Chinatown for us to visit. After Ben and Wei Chen left, we headed to the museum which is just few blocks away. The entrance fee was $4.50.

The displays wasn’t that good. There are loads of things missing and not properly maintained and preserved. The lower floor exhibition was the worst. It was totally empty and deserted. The lights were dim and sounds of the Chinese opera playing. Back in Malaysia, the only time I get to listen to Chinese opera is during the Chinese ghost festival. The opera is held in an open space; up on a man made stage; with chairs arranged in order. The first few rows are usually empty. Apparently, it’s for the dead to sit.

They designed the place in to a replica of old Chinese ghetto. As we enter one of the exhibitions, 2 Chinese opera singer dummies freaked me out. It was so spooky that at one point I did not dare to enter one of the exhibitions. We quickly headed back to the ground floor.

The museum has 4 floors. The ground floor is basically the reception area with some souvenirs for sale.

The 2nd floor is a small art exhibition room and the 3rd floor is where all the important stuffs are. However, the 3rd floor exhibitions are not properly maintained. Some of the displays are broken and no proper security is installed. Anyone could just take anything back home.

But there were couple of interesting displays. Racism towards the Chinese immigrants was not bad. There had couple of degrading cartoons drawn by white extremists ie comparing rabbits with Chinese (on the terms of overpopulated), images of Chinese taking advantage of poor helpless white ladies, social ills brought by the Chinese. On the other hand, it seems that the Chinese population helped the Australian army during WWII by providing minor services.

After museum, we headed back to the city. Melody shopped again. I had to follow her around because I’m running out of money. I cant shop!!!

We had McDonalds for dinner. I had to budget myself.

However, I still could afford to watch a movie. Insomnia, based on Stephen King’s novel, was bad. The story line was boring but the cinematography was great! The movie is based in Alaska and the sceneries were great. Couple of months ago, I visited a website maintained by a girl who is living in Alaska. She had couple of beautiful pictures of Alaska. Unfortunately, I lost her url.

I’m leaving tomorrow night. It’s been 1 month 3 weeks ever since I got here. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Melody and I decided to go to Sandringham tomorrow. For your information, Sandringham is the train line we always take to go back home. Sandringham is located on the beach. We’re gonna picnic there!
A little bit of info on Sandringham

The itinerary for tomorrow:

Wake up early for English breakfast in the city.
Go home, do laundry and pack up.
Head to Sandringham.
Airport and leave Melbourne 🙁