Melbourne Shuffler DVD

The “Melbourne Shuffler” Documentary DVD is finally available on the market now.

The great people at mailed me a copy of the DVD at no cost. šŸ˜€ (Many thanks!)
It consist of a double disc DVD set (80 minute feature plus over 220 minutes of special features).

The first disc consists of the following:-
Main Feature – Melbourne Shuffler Documentary (brilliant!)
Day In the Life of DJ Ben Kakoschke (not my cup of tea, talks about DJing in Melbourne, where to shop etc)
Red Light Raving
Trinfinity Animation Showcase (woah..psychedelic shits)
As for disc two:-
Extra Dance Footage
Extra Interviews
Extra Bluescreen Footage
Party Organisation Advice
Cybafaeries Promo – ‘Mel-ben Shuffle’ Footage ’92 – ’94
Multi-angle DJ Tips – Samples from Master Kaos’ Master Class

What can I say? ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! The DVD has hundreds of dancing footage which is absolutely mind blowing. To those who wants to improve their shuffling, I would highly recommend this DVD set.
The documentary part has a short footage of Australian Shufflers in the Genting Rave 2004 (Some shufflers from Melbourne came to Malaysia to perform on a massive rave). The said footage was a footage downloaded from this website and no permission was granted to the crew. However, I was told by one of the crew members that the said footage was licensed by Hard Kandy’s DJ Scott Alert. This is clearly a case of copyright infringement. But at the moment, I see no reasons for Umeng (the author of the video) and I to initiate legal proceedings as the melbourneshuffler crew is an innocent party and they have clearly put a lot of time and effort in to making this documentary. I hope they didnt pay a single cent to DJ Scott Alert for the said footage.

I am credited in the DVD! šŸ˜€

Click here to buy!

20 thoughts on “Melbourne Shuffler DVD”

  1. looking good looking good…
    lah..don la u it ok…don support piracy
    c’mon, u know how these ppl worked so hard for all these ah?? grr….

  2. thats y! lol anyways good stuff xes..i think we should screen it in the cinemas! so the whole group of shufflers/ravers will come and watch it!

  3. I think it’s around $50 including the shipping if not it from somewhere…damn expensive…thats’s y i’m asking our uncle xes to upload it…

  4. chzehong: i anti piracy! hehe
    peggy: yes! exactly!
    Amos: come my house to take la. make sure u dont pass it around cause im afraid it would not come backk hehe
    spclk: u can buy it frm the website and they will send it to u šŸ˜€
    Darren: see the website
    Kian: read the website laa “CLick here to buy!!” hehe. no way im goin to upload it man. its copyrighted!
    knickx: 50oz for 2 CDs šŸ˜€

  5. ei..u all …whose house got PlasMa tv? 42inch..
    organise la….like pot luck. I bring chips u bring fries, they bring coke..
    gather around…
    then Xes take his Precious DVD out, everybody watch!!
    this way, everybody watch it, not copying and CL won’t lose his dvd ler…
    no plasma..i think normal TV also can lar

  6. peggy’s idea superb! šŸ˜› hehe cheng leong host! he said wanna do gathering. until now oso havent do. cause he bz go holiday and ignore all his loyal readers. :'(
    then we can probably force him to perform infront as closing act :X

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