Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 15

I went to melbourne uni today, attended 2 lectures, psychology lecture and concept accounting lecture. i slept at the psychology lecture, fuh..the theatre rite, damn hightech..hehe..somemore their seats are like cinema seats (tgv seats), so nice and comfy, i feel asleep for the whole class..ehhhehe
Melbourne Uni damn alot of ppl, they even haf some sports activity going on for free. There’s kickboxing, thaibo, wushu, fencing, etc etc..Butthen, free for one week only..sheshh..
Accounting concepts seems to be a very easy subject, it’s like my alevel accounting, and slightly easier, i wish i could take that subject..hehe
Trinity college is just next to Melbourne Uni (the colege where my gf used to study). It’s a nice place, with old block of building, wish i bought my camera along.
I’m going to uni tomolo again, sheshh, have to wake up early eventhought i’m on holiday, arghhhhh

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