Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 19

I went clubbing at Sirens just now, kinda big place. There’s 2 rooms, 1 r&b and another one techno/trance. i was there wif my gf, nick, kerwynn, shawn, yeanpeng, joyce, kim, and others, johan got kicked out cause he’s in jeans, aw man , he walked straight back to Crown.

We ordered a bottle of Black Label, cost bout $120. I had bout 4 cups, all bottoms up, due to the other friends who wanted to get drunk fast, i ended up having a headache on my head now, uh.

After years of hearing all the significant of the special dance in Melbourne nightclubs, i’ve finally seen it! It seems that 99% of the people there (the techno/trance room) can do melbourne shuffle (thats what some people call that dance). It’s really damn nice and unique, i’m quite amazed! Usually in kl you can see 2 or 3 people doing Melbourne shuffle, but there its like everyone can do it, and oh yeah, the weed here smells better, hehe.

Today is the last day for me to do all the things i usually do. For example, watching The Simpsons. I taped the Simpsons today, damn nice…1 hour special, damn, i cant watch it in Malaysia no more . Furthermore, today its my last day of attending uni wif my gf, but thank god, the lectures are freaking boring and i haf to wake up early for it..sheshh…but oh well, one hell of an experience.

Gotta go sleep now

5 am ohrehdhe..


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