Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 21

I took alot of photos today. I went Bourke Street, Swanston St, Flinder St, Collins Street, Spencer St. Station, etc. The best was in St Paul Cathedral, Flinders St., the architecture design is beautiful, never seen anything like it before.

I went Vic Mart this morning. I had Dutch Pancakes, it’s some small pancakes covered with maple syrup and butter, mmmm, nicee…ahhh…Then i had Spanish Doughnut, it’s a long crispy dough with caster sugar on it…mmm…nice..ahh. I bought a lot of souvenir for my parents and friends at Vic Mart. I bought this aromatherapy gadget and couple of essence oil for my parents, i wonder if it really works.

I went to Crowns again just now but this time I went into the casino, damn a lot of slot machines and gambling tables. I wonder how many millions does Crown make a day.

Tomorrow I’m gonna have Mcdonalds for breakfast with Nick before I leave, my flight is at 2:15PM, I think I’ll reach KLIA at 8:15PM.
This should be the last night here for my Melbourne trip, I’m gonna miss this place man.

Oh well, I think I’ll just visit here again next year, hopefully. hehe, I guess this is the end of my Melbourne trip journal. Goodbye.

Spotted Ayer Rocks from the plane while on the way home.

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