michael the one sexcapades!!

This website cracks me up.


It’s a journal by this guy by the name Michael who frequents whore houses. He gives intimate details about the girls he had and places he went to.

Here is an excerpt from the website

Place: My favourite college.
Name : Aneka (Medan)& Neka (Jawa Tengah)
Age : Both 20 years old

Aneka: BEAUTIFUL FACE & BODY !!!! Search for Jasmine Hamid on the net and imagine her !! A 10/10 on my scale:
Neka, though slightly darker and with short hair was still a 8/10. Body was a FIRM 20 year old….both had excellent ample tits and no stretch marks..a match made in heaven..Both are about 5’4″ in height and have been there for 2 months

THE WARM UP: Both ladies quickly stripped…a quick inspection of both bodies..EXCELLENT !! Aneka (Jasmine Hamid) quickly dived to my didi (LOL!) as I sat at th edge of the bed , my left hand were caressing her head whereas the other hand were busy squizing Neka’s breasts…

Neka soon began to give me a tongue bath..HEAVEN…I was suprised to note that they were pretty good , working in tandem giving the best possible tongue bath/BBBJ….they pretty much alternated this two positions…between the two Aneka was the “sucker” expert and Neka was the “licker” expert..where Aneka was pretty accomplished at BBBJ (farking A grade)..Neka makes it up with vigour and passion (!!!).

I then swapped position where both girls kneeled before me and alternated betwen sucking my didi and licking my balls…just imagine, one girl suck your didi and the other licks your balls….HEAVEN !!

THE ACTION:I can’t wait to start the action, 15 min of BBBJ had passed….I asked if I can CIM/CIF..both replied in unison YES !!..decided to hentam Aneka first..this way..if cannot go for second round..get to fark my fantasy – Jasmin Hamid..

got her to edge of the bed and started the signature MTO move….Neka got behind me and squeezed my balls gently whilst giving me little licks to my back and earlobes…just like a porno film…..I hentam Aneka kau-kau..

she moaned & moaned & moaned, Aneka came at least once if not two…10 minutes have passed, sweat was covering all three of our bodies..Neka was gving one hell of a back tongue bath…I flipped Aneka over and proceeded to do the doggie..like a good tag team partner, Neka held Ankea ass and brought it forward to be banged by me…pure porno action..very soon…

I can’t stand any more and told Aneka that i wanna CIM…got off the bed and she kneeled before me, Neka was by my side licking my tits…with both hand holding Aneka’s head…I gave a good hot cum blast CIM..my hot jism was splated all over her face and dribbling down her breast…again like a good partner, Neka got on to the floor and took a towel to wipe the cum of Aneka’s breast…Aneka continued to sucked till I was dried and sated….

FINAL RATING 20/10….excellent value for money…Aneka was slightly more expensive at Rm 148 whereas Neka was std Rm 138. Aneka does anal for extra tip (unknown rate).

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  1. gooooOOOoooosh… it’s a porn story… been trying to get too excited while reading and not to fantasize it too much… hahahahahahaaa

  2. di0n: 8===D~ pikey: ahahahahha dont fap wei haha wheimeng: maybe after u tel me your storties la..hahaha *oOo my army is coming!!* ahhaha ivn: no need la. u regular customer already waht hehe frank: yup..great stress relieve for clp

  3. ermm…i dunno whether to find this disgusting or funnyDon’t quite understand all those initials..what’s BBBJ, MTO etc etc??

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