Missing dog II

I don’t know whether it’s a trend now or pure coincidence that missing dogs posters are everywhere on the streets.
I saw one on a lampost nearby my house. Then I saw this flyer (below) enclosed with my newspaper.

To those who missed out a comment I made on Frank’s previous post, here’s a full report of it.
It was many years back, when all we cared were SPM (high school exam) and games. my friends and I were waiting for Kiang‘s Dad to fetch us from Adnan’s Corner.
Then we saw a missing dog poster pasted on a public telephone. The dog’s name was Bobby. Suddenly, out of no where, **** (censored to protect the privacy of the person) picked up the phone and called the missing dog’s owner.
“Hello”, “the dog owner answered”.
In a squeeky voice, my friend said,
“hello hello..this is bobby zhai… help me help me!! woof woof woof wooofff!!!”
We were literally rolling on the floor laughing out loud.
aahh..those were the days..

4 thoughts on “Missing dog II”

  1. aiyoh xes u guys damn bad wei! but ah, reminds me of a similar prank me and my frens did and yes, just after spm hehe.. only this time it involved pizza hut, rm323.50 and a lost and found postpaid sim card hehe..

  2. wingkeong: kekekekekeke i think got few more stories to tell yo..hehe
    stoom: wah that happened to be before, my friend called pizza hut and ordered a pizza addressed to my house!! we had to pay for it!!
    stinkie: kekeke those were teh day ler keke

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