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I noticed that whenever I write an article, it will have a ripple effect. The latest was probably my article on “All Lawyers should have an iPad” which led me to a trip to Fukuoka, Japan.

My article “Grave Repercussions for Internet Users” probably has the biggest effect on me. I got my name mentioned in newspaper and online media such The Sun, The Star, Malaysia Insider and Malaysia Today. Now it has gone to another level.

Just few days ago, I was featured in The Malaysian Observer.TV (also known as, an internet TV portal and also Malaysiakini.

You can watch the MobTV interview here.

As for the Malaysiakini article and podcast, check out the article below:-

Podcast: Onus is on you to prove your cyber innocence

For our 15th Middle Malaysia podcast, we speak to Foong Cheng Leong, co-chair of the KL Bar IT Committee, about the new amendments to the Evidence Act. It was Foong who first broke the news about the new amendments via an article on the LoyarBurok blog.

He says the article at first didn’t garner much attention. That all changed when theSun published a front-page article based on it. Now, everyone’s talking about the serious implications of the new amendments.

Foong gives a broad overview of what the new law is all about and explains why it should be of grave concern for all those who use the Internet. He also gives his opinion on different social media scenarios where the Evidence Act could be applied.

His concerns, however, are not just on how this new law could affect criminal and politically-charged cases but also civil cases.

Lastly, he gives an example of how this law could affect cases concerning election offences and gives a real-life example of a past case that probably would have turned out very differently had the new law been in place then.

Foong, who often comments about IT issues, is totally against this law and is working towards having it repealed.

You can listen to the podcast here or below.

The podcast was actually recorded through Skype using my Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook at around 1am. I had to leave for Singapore the next day hence Oon had to accommodate my last night request. The quality of the recording is not bad. My Dad thought it was recorded at a studio!

In the meantime, please sign the petition against the amendment bill here.

Frankly, I’ve never watched or listen to the above interviews. I hate listening to myself. Sometimes I wonder how can people stand my voice. It’s so squeaky.

But my message to all young lawyers out there, if you want to put your name out there, write as much as you can and post them online. The internet will promote it for you.

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