moved on …. right?

i was in KLCC today – i walked into one of the shops. a guy who was standing in my path, walked quickly to the glass display on my right. usually i do not pay attention to passer-bys, minding my own business (unless the passer-by happens to be an ah lian with bad dressing sense, i must look!) but so happened i glanced at the guy.
and i quickly walked away, far from the guy. i bit my lip, and hoped he didn’t see me as i stood before the displayed goods. as shock registered, i turned to see where the guy had gone.
and i stared at his back, just for a while, before i quickly left the shop.
oh the coincidence. i could kill myself…
just as i brought up the ghost of my ex in the last post, i happen to catch a glimpse of him again. after 4 years. can you believe it?
funny how people move on, yet how the people from the past can still affect you in a certain way.
i could also kill myself, because i wasn’t looking my best, lacked make up and all… so basically, i was looking like a hag. no way i could have gone up to him and say hi. no way did i want to notice every single detail of him and be this affected.
crap. i have to admit, he did look good. ;P
unlike the other ex (the one with the new gf who befriended me).
i’m so affected, man.
the memories of the relationship are coming back all over again.
i am over him.
i am over him.
just that, he’s the yardstick i compare new boyfriends to.
being affected, doesn’t mean i’m not over him.
4 years.
yup, the pain of the break up comes crashing back again.
time to go boozing.
come and join me.

14 thoughts on “moved on …. right?”

  1. You shouldn’t have “ran away” when you see him. Just act normal and show him you’re living a good life without him. I don’t know who dumped who…. but if he’s the one who dumped you, then you must show him that you’re able to stand up on your feet. Bla bla bla. Don’t mind all the crap ?!
    Life is indeed afterall an interesting play… like what frostie said.

  2. fr0stie: today back to normal. ;P
    endroo G: you don’t understand la. i had a huge pimple in between my eyes, and … dressed down, looking too sloppy… i couldn’t have gone over to say hi. ;P must look damn good, then only can say hi. hehehe. unless he noticed me la. mebbe he did notice me and ran away first leh? ;P
    everyone has pride. dammit. next time i go pasar malam must put on lots of make up, just in case ;P

  3. bimbo: well, if thats the case… then its ok. I mean the pimple case. But then, if the pimple was not there at that moment, would you go over and say hi ?
    Well, I think sometimes this is easy to be said than done. So… good luck in your future encounter with your ex’es. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. zhong: i’m a malaysian reject. ;P
    chuoming: wah, you sound like china. must make metaphors or whatever comparison to rice. hehehe… “rice is the tears and blood of china” or something like that. ;P
    PeNNYPupZ: *pat pat* we will survive, corny as it sounds! ;P
    i just finished reading this novel, couple gets back together after 15 years. gee. does this happen in malaysia, all the breaking up, getting married, have kids, divorce, and getting back with their first love or watever?
    endroo G: hehe. of cos i would’ve gone up to say hi. and throw myself on him and slobber him with kisses. ehehehehehe. joking la wei! ๐Ÿ˜‰ and cheers. ;P
    fr0stie: cheers! ;P

  5. MaL: aiyaaa…. i said GOT BIG PIMPLE BETWEEN MY EYES (the nose part there) where can go and say hi to him. AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH …. sorry, i’m laughing at my own bimbo-ness. ;P

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