Mr & Mrs. Teh

Congratulation to Uncle Maverick and Aunty Jetski!

They finally got married. Their wedding kick starts the wedding marathon that we will go through on our lives. Soon one by one, our friends will get married.

Uncle Maverick is one of Malaysia’s most veteran and well known DJ. He broke the Guinness Book of Record’s longest non stop DJ’ing 2 years ago.

Uncle Maverick

Maverick & Jessie

The wedding was held at Spring Valley restaurant in Mid Valley. Even though our invitation card says that the dinner will start a 6PM, most of the people came about 7 something. Pfft. Malaysians.
Many of us speculated that techno music or hard trance will be played during his wedding. Unfortunately, there were none. More than half of the restaurant was filled with middle aged relatives of Maverick and Jessie. However, they played a track specially mixed by Maverick for his wedding. Soon we’ll see Maverick’s Wedding – OST (Sound Track) in pasar malam.

Lynnzter, Sharon & Sui Lin

The food was great even though no shark fin was served. Although Maverick is an angler, he does not eat shark fins. Apparently his hobby is to catch fish and let them off after that.

Initially we were famished. Sow and Ben were holding their chopsticks like they were about to go to war. However, the food disappeared in a very slow rate. We thought that it will be gone within seconds.

Ben, Sow & I

Sharon, Ivan, Kelynn, Lynnzter, Sow, Ben, Kei Shi, Sui Lin and I sat on the same table (table no 23). Cris, Florence and Doreen sat on the next table due to lack of space. Everyone was well dressed for this event.

Kelynn, Ivan & Keishi

Table no 23 + next table 😀

After couple of dishes, we had a short champagne tower thingie. Then we proceeded with the traditional ‘yamseng’ screams. As a tradition, the groom has to walk to each table to drink. Together with it, the traditional yamseng scream will be performed. Although we were slightly outnumbered by other tables, we had one of the loudest screams. Maverick had couple of right hand men to support him i.e. to drink for him.

Ben: During my wedding, I’ll get Sow, Melvin and Umeng to be my right hand man. But I’m afraid that they will all die one by one before the night ends!

Maverick lasted through the night. He kissed all of us on the cheek before we left.

I remember last time during one of my friends’ wedding, many people had to carry him back to the car at the end of the night. I think he was drowning his sorrows cause he had to marry his girlfriend after she got pregnant.

Many congratulations to Uncle Maverick and Aunty Jetski aka Mr. and Mrs. Teh. Hope you guys will have babies soon. Loads of them of course!

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  1. eh…the groom and the bride never get drunk ar? He hire substitue drinker kah? I remember last time my fren’s birthday, i have to help him “kill” 4 of his cousins…

  2. Having a wedding is a wonderful thing. Especially the yam seng part. The groom sure go deaf before the end of the nite if he isn’t drunk.

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