Muay thai classes hurting my shinss

Ouch, my shins hurt from Muay Thai training today. We had to do a lot of blocking exercise in order to improve blocking with our shin by lifting our leg to our waist and also kick each other’s shin in order to strengthen it. At the beginning, Darren (our instructor) made us lift our leg to block the left side for 60 times. That’s okay. Then after that, we had to lift the same leg to block the right side for 70 times. I could barely lift my leg by then. 130 lifts are fucking tiresome but according to Darren, when he started training, his instructor made him do 1000 lifts. He wasn’t allowed to go home until he finishes it.
I had to partner this guy who is twice my size. Imagine the momentum that hits my shin every time he kicks.
– 11:40PM