My Funniest Video Contest

I was tasked with an advertorial which requires me to shoot a video. I’m a lawyer so I do not have much artistic quality in me. Fortunately, I managed to procure the assistance of Samantha, a good friend of mine.

This is Samantha, aka Miss Hong Kong.

Samantha and I go way back to our raving days. Those were the days when we used to party until wee hours in the morning. When I first met her, she was still in high school. Years later, she graduated from university and started work at an international fashion company. Subsequently, she moved to a local boutique.

Thereafter, she quit her job and started an online fashion business at (which I fondly call Stylesofa caters for the international crowd hence you will find many international fashion blogs talking about it.

Samantha has always started a fashion blog at Those who are interested in international fashion are welcome to visit her blog.

Samantha has always been a trustworthy and reliable friend to me therefore you don’t need to worry if the stuff you bought from stylesofa doesn’t come.

Anyway, back to the advertorial, we shot the advertorial at her place cum office.

With a crouch sniffing dog aka door stopper Siberian husky, Zoe.

Samantha chose a nice location for us to shoot the video. The video had to be at least 30 seconds. I initially had no idea how to shoot it but thanks to her brilliant idea, we manage to churn a video out. I must say that I hate doing video advertorials.

I’ll post the video up shortly! It’s silly but watodo, we’re not professionals!

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