Nasi Lemak 2.0

Last year, controversial Malaysian Namewee posted a video about his efforts of getting government funding for his movie. His application for funding was rejected simply on the grounds that it is not a Malay language movie hence not eligible for funding.

He sought the help of various politicians to overcome this rule but it was all in vain. He now seeks the help of the Prime Minister to overcome this problem. His journey is documented in the videos below.

His journey moved me to tears. It is a simply story on what non Malays have to do to achieve their goals in Malaysia. We, the non Bumiputeras and the “kaum pendatang”, can all relate to this. Our parents or seniors have instilled hard work and determination into us. Where we are today is due to the Government’s policies.

Hats off to Namewee for highlighting this to the world.

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