Never Let Your Bum Bum Touch The Toilet Seat

I’m talking about peeing in public toilets. ;D

 I once mastered the art of sorta squatting and hovering my bum just above the toilet seat so as to avoid really sitting on it. You see, I am not one of those ladies who bring paper toilet seat covers along with them wherever they go, nor do I actually buy any.

 A few months ago, I started getting lazy. I’d just plonk myself onto the toilet seat at the office toilet and forgetting that there’s definitely germs on the seat, right? But I was just lazy.

And occasionally, I’d find a pimple on my left bum cheek. I don’t know why but it rarely happens to my right bum cheek.

Then I witnessed how the cleaning ladies clean the office toilets. Great.

After mopping the floor, they just use the MOP to clean the toilet seats and covers, you see. EUWWWWW EUWWWWW gross!!!

Horrified, I’m back with hovering my bum above the toilet seat. But it is rather tricky when you need to poo and no doubt you’ll be working out your thigh muscles!

And if you need to take a big dump and you’re afraid people may hear your poo plonking into the water, just chuck some toilet paper in before you begin. The paper definitely muffles the sound! ;D
NB. This post would have been great with a picture demonstrating my bum hovering technique, but I was unable to have my colleague snap a picture of me in the loo, sorry!

7 thoughts on “Never Let Your Bum Bum Touch The Toilet Seat”

  1. lol..i do that sometimes too.
    Usually I’ll wipe the toilet seat clean then line the toilet seat with min 2 layers of fresh tissue. teehehee…

    Some trees are killed in the process …but it’s a worthy sacrifice! =’P

  2. xes: if wet means, use more tissue to wipe until seats are dry. Repeat wiping if necessary.
    Note: to prevent contamination of hands with fluid = use even more tissue to wipe.
    Then repeat steps of layering the toilet seat.

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