New Club: Euphoria – Ministry of Sound, Kuala Lumpur

This just came in. It is reported that the well know superclub from the United Kingdom, Ministry of Sound will be opening a new club in Kuala Lumpur. I heard that the club will be in Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. The exact opening date is unknown but it was mentioned that it will be opened on Spring 2008. Malaysia mana ada Spring???

Anyone has more info?
Stay tuned on updates!
[Edit: The club is now open!]

5 thoughts on “New Club: Euphoria – Ministry of Sound, Kuala Lumpur”

  1. Have a biz trip to KL, arriving early on purpose and hope it opens on or prior to April 19, 2008. Any anticipated specific open date or requirements would be appreciated. Otherwise, i will likely stay in Hong Kong for Saturday night of 4/19…

  2. Slinky & Amos: i heard that they are targeting April or May, not confirm yet.
    Hector: Stay tune to this website and you’ll be updated of the developments! If it’s not open, you can try other clubs in Kuala Lumpur. 😀

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