NTV7 Breakfast Show Interview – 2.3.2011

Edwin was invited as a guest of NTV7 Breakfast Show for the segment “Know your rights” and he was kind of enough to invite me as a guest as well. The both of us spoke about privacy and data protection.

Our interview was a telecast live from Sri Pentas. Before the show, we were specifically asked not wear green. Edwin and I decided to be traditional and wore black and white.

I tweeted that I got myself brand new shades before the show.

Chocolate filled glasses yo…

Unfortunately, I ate them all before the show.

When I first saw the show, I thought the venue is quite big. Then when we arrived at the set, I find that the place much smaller! And the background was all green!

The background on TV was super imposed! No wonder we are not allowed to wear green. If we did, we will be “one with the background”.

We initially prepared Q&A for the anchors, Aishah Sinclair and Hansen Lee. However, they did not rely on the Q&A. Fortunately, Edwin and I were ready to answer the questions.

We covered a lot of the upcoming Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and some privacy issues.

Edwin, Hansen, Aishah and me..damn Aishah is hot..and she’s a mother of one!

I’ll post the video up once I get it from the producers. Will be on again on Thursday to speak about social media and the law!

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  1. i can’t imagine hansen lee in this setting after his poloboys project. always half expecting him to jump into a pool in the studio or something =p

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