Nuffnang’s 1st Anniversary Party a.k.a Pajama’s Party

I was there and I was bored. But it was great to meet some old friends and bloggers whom I knew online for quite some time.

Food and beer were free flow whole night but beer ran out before I could get my hands on it. The party had couple of girls in costumes e.g. Nurse, French maid, police women (in hot pants). Wow.. and I thought it was a pajamas party. Notable highlight was the presence of celebrity bloggers such as Kenny Sia, Xia Xue and Dawn Yang (Hot!).

Dawn Yang & Xiaxue…

Kenny Sia hosting..

Timothy Tiah‘s shoes…wowww..

David Lian of Costume made of chipster packets!!!



Angeline (not bimbobum), me, Eric of and Jac (not bimbobum)

Birthday cake courtesy of the M Group.

The contestants of the new reality show, Malaysian Dreamgirl were there as well.

Among the contestants was Ringo of
Me: Ringo! Hi hi!
Ringo: ?
Me: I’m CL!!!
Ringo: oooooooo…*runs away*
Me: O_O|||
Anyway, Vote for Ringo aka Cheesie by SMSing “DREAM 11” to 33001!

10 thoughts on “Nuffnang’s 1st Anniversary Party a.k.a Pajama’s Party”

  1. Efei: yea la. good to see u!
    Darren: malas to wear keke
    smashpoop: poop u back!
    eric: kekek thanks man!
    Kink: maybe too ugly liao..sobs
    Amos: kekekeke

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