Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Award 2009 @ Singapore – Part II

Instead of joining the tour of Singapore organised by Nuffnang, KY, ShaolinTiger, kimberlycun, itsablushberry and I slept in and made a trip to Kovan for my favourite noodles at AMK Teo Chew Noodles, Kovan. Nuffnang’s tour starts at 8am and we were only back in our hotel around 3am. Therefore, we decided to give it a skip.

The trip to Kovan was relatively long. Outram train station is about 8 minutes walk from our hotel and the Kovan train station is about 8 stops away. It probably took about half an hour to get there.

At Kovan, we met up with fireangel who threatened to beat me up if the pork noodles are not nice.

Pictures from KY’s blog.

I had blogged about this place at least 2 times but never once I had a vlog on it. Here is a video on how the noodles were made. It seems that it had a mixture of 4 type of yummy sauces.

So after lunch, we headed to Plaza Singapore to catch Inglorious Basterds. Unfortunately, it wasn’t showing and we ended up playing some games at a Sony Ericsson booth. 3 of them won SGD30 of Takashimaya shopping vouchers.

With the SGD30 vouchers, we redeemed 39 takoyaki balls.

The 6 of us only managed to finish 30 pieces – each had about 6 pieces. The 6th piece was really difficult to swallow. Damn jelak!

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